World Reining Trophy 2004 – Mooslargue (France), June 9-13, 2004

The World Reining seems to meet expectations everywhere. Reiners all over the world are looking forward to one of the largest sums of prize money in the reining horse world. The World Reining Trophy (Mooslargue/France, June 9-13, 2004) offers EUR 160,000.â¬added, with EUR 100,000.â¬added alone in the NRHA Lawson Bronze Trophy Open. Besides the Bronze Trophies there are the Intermediate Reinings plus Cutting Non Pro and Open
Im really looking forward to the World Reining Trophy, says Steffen Breug, who was CRI Champion in Dortmund astride Dragon Jac. Its going to be a great show. I know Horseacademy the facility is phantastic. And just look at the money… Breug is not the only one other top riders like Rudi Kronsteiner (Austria), Volker Schmitt and Grischa Ludwig (both Hermany) and Dave R. Young are planning to take their top reining horses to Mooslargue. Bea Verselewel, editor of the Dutch magazine De Quarter, is also very enthusiastic about the WRT: The showmanagement did a great thing with this show which should be a new milestone in European reining history. The World Reining Trophy is a great chance to get the Americans to bring their horses over to Europe.

The show starts on June 9 with the Go Round of the Non Pro Lawson. The day before (June 8) the showmanagement offers a paid warm up. On Thursday, there will be the Go round of the Open Lawson, on Friday the Intermediate in Non Pro and Open. During the week-end, there will be the finals of the Lawson Bronze Trophies plus the cuttings, the absolute highlight being the EUR 100,000.â¬NRHA Lawson Open Bronze Trophy final on Sunday.

The showmanagement is busy organizing a 3-day â¬asuper clinic right after the show with internationally renowned trainers further details will be published on the HorseAcademy website soon. Please note that there are two shows at Mooslargue ( April 24/25 and May 8/9) which might be interesting as a chance of â¬Ütraining for WRT competitors.

As the seats are limited in the indoor arena, spectators should order their tickets soon. The Swisshotel La Plaza in Basel offers a free shuttle service to Mooslargue.

Tickets are available at the WRT Ticket Office Iris Petersen, Am Sandacker 4,D – 24983 Handewitt Phone +49 4608 972 408 Fax +49 4608 972 409

For further information (schedule, exhibitors, advertising) please refer to

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