Hannoveraner Verband nimmt Reserve Sieger zurück

The 2005 Hanoverian Reserve Licensing Champion Primetime has been returned to the Hanoverian Verband. The black Prince Thatch xx x Wenzel offspring, purchased by Paul Schockemohle and Blue Hors Stud at the 2005 Hanoverian licensing for 580,000 euro, turned out to be infertile. The owners complained to the Hanoverian Verband which annulled the sale of the stallion.
“We were very happy and optimistic when we bought the reserve champion in Verden together with Paul Schockemohle, because we secured a super young stallion with quality and an interesting pedigree,” Blue Hors stud said, “but then we had Primetime’s semen checked and the quality was very poor.” In agreement with the Hanoverian Verband, Blue Hors sent Primetime to the Equine Clinic of Hannover, where his semen was further tested. The result was that the semen is completely infertile. “We wanted to give Primetime one more chance and at the end of November we inseminated seven mares at Gestut Lewitz. None of them were in foal.” Blue Hors and Paul Schockemohle sent an official complaint to the Hanoverian Verband, which they accepted. The sale of the stallion has been annulled.



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